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We have to make things better, otherwise they only get worse! The people who say you can't do anything, are the people who couldn't do anything themselves!


Caalma International is an entertainment company that consists of three divisions: Caalma Records; A record label with merchandising. Caalma Productions; Management and booking. Caalma Visual; Photography, video, and art.
All contents copyright © 1975 - 2012 Caalma International. Except where noted otherwise. Caalma, Caalma Records, Caalma Productions, and Caalma Visual are divisions of Caalma International which is owned and operated by Mark Steven McCraw. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, downloading, hiring, broadcasting, lending, and public performance are strictly prohibited and will result in a serious ass kicking AND a possible kick in the nuts. Basically, my music is free... Just don't steal it. Or better yet, steal it and see what happens fuckers. I ain't taking no more shit and I don't give a fuck no more.